25th May 2014

Two Suns Were Visible in the Sky has been mastered by offthesky’s Jason Corder, who has done as excellent job as you could expect from him. Kate at Flaming Pines is currently working on the artwork for that, so I’ll be able to bring that to you very soon. Still aiming for a June release there.

Currently finalising the tracklist for Periphery with Gavin at Twice Removed, I posted the artwork for that recently. That’s now looking to be out before the end of the year, as Twice Removed will sadly be closing its doors in November. That does mean 2014 will be focused largely on those two albums, though, which works well for me.

Collab-wise, there are new records from Middlemarch, Winter of the World, Sturmazdale, Merganser and Captain Busby in the works, plus new projects with Tim Dwyer (Off Land) and Justin Marc Lloyd (Pregnant Spore, Rainbow Bridge, etc. etc. etc.).  So I’m staying very busy.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are still singles on Knife in the Toaster and Plenty Wenlock due over the summer, and there are still some remixes to come out at some point…

9th February 2014

You know when you take on too much at once?  My current workload:

Releasing The Last Swifts of Summer and split with Wet Eyes on Bullfinch in a couple of months;

Waiting for release of A Time After Computers on Knife in the Toaster;

Looking for a label for a tape of out-of-print synth music;

Dubbing the first batch of Bullfinch tapes;

Starting promo to make sure people know that Bullfinch is coming;

Beginning to organise the second batch, including artwork;

Recording material for splits with Five Minutes Alone and EL Heath for release later in the year;

Sorting out label stuff for first album and EP by Middlemarch;

Sorting out label stuff for second Sturmazdale album;

Keeping up to date with progress from Dimitris and Craig about recording progress for upcoming Middlemarch and Sturmazdale albums respectively;

Finishing first Merganser release;

Working on some noise-based stuff with Joaquin for future Winter of the World releases;

Curating Terminal Radio Transmission 13 for broadcast in late March;

Curating the third Terminal Window album;

Writing stuff for Absent With Concept (completely behind with this, once again);

Working on the second Captain Busby record when I get chance to see Gregg;

Working on the first Duggan! album on the vague occasions Thom and I get our arses into gear;

Why do I do this to myself?  If my medication stops working anytime soon I’m going to have some sort of breakdown from this insanity.  Send me money/love/free tapes of nice music while I work through these one step at a time.

18th October 2013

As it currently stands, we’re still hoping for the Babel/Ross Baker split to be out in November – that’s Terra Incognita on my side, which is somewhat old now – finished that a few months ago.  So that’ll be good to get out.  We’re just sorting out the artwork (or at least trying to).

I have tentatively begun work on my next album now.  Something I realised when looking back over older releases was a certain element of individuality.  Lately I’ve had a perspective of finding music that sounds like my music/creating stuff directly inspired by other music, yet this seems completely at odds with how I created my earlier work.  I actually remember when I was doing Purlieu, my attitude was literally “well if nobody else is going to make this album, I’m going to have to”.  So that’s something I’m returning to, I think, trying to create a sonic world which currently doesn’t exist.  It’s actually quite exciting to be starting on a fresh new project like this – particularly as my 2012/2013 output will all slot together as a series of related works with an overall sound/theme.  The WIP piece I’ve begun work on is quite different from the last few records – quite noisy and dark.  A welcome change of pace.

In other news, Dimitris and I have completed the Middlemarch album, which is to be titled Wolf Hall, and will be released on Time Released Sound in the new year.  Needless to say we’re very excited about this as we’re both big fans of the label.  We’re just finalising details about that right now.  This is probably the most beautiful selection of tracks I’ve ever worked on, and it’s been a real honour to work with both Dimitris and Colin at TRS in putting it together.

And there should be a couple of net-releases coming soon of debut records from two other collaborative projects: Merganser and Winter of the World.  More on those soon.

I’ve been collecting a nice number of LPs at the minute, and getting rid of my CD copies of said albums.  Over the past few years I’ve definitely become a convert to analogue over digital.  You should buy some of the CDs & tapes I’m selling on Discogs so I can buy more vinyl.

21st September 2010

I wish I’d get off my arse and do stuff sometimes.  It’s taken me several months to get around to sending out demos, and of course now I’m faced with a bunch of releases due out at the same time, a la Treatments/Canal Seven, rather than spreading them over the several months we’ve had since 60° South in May.  Ah well.  Here’s what’s happening:

Dungeness is one of a series of dark ambient/drone releases I’ve been working on since the success of Treatments.  The pieces are in a different style.  The eagle-eyed old fans from before Purlieu might recognise Qualia in some form.  A very, very old track from 1999/2000 called Platinum appears in drastically remixed form, plus three recent compositions of synthesised electronic drones.  Bump Foot, the long running Japanese netlabel, are releasing it very soon.  I’ll hopefully have the release date sooner!

1. Carpetless Floor
2. Platinum
3. Hulme
4. Two Colours
5. Qualia

Small Black Box is a more experimental work from earlier in the year, mostly recorded in March and April.  The focus here is on texture, and although some of the pieces contain what could be described as traditional melody and structure, they are not the focus of the record.  Some pieces are 30 second snippets of sound, while others are positively epic.  It’s a bit noisey and a bit disjointed, but I like that about it.  That should be appearing on  Tavern Eightieth very soon too (see what I mean about multiple releases?)

Last up (if you ignore the long-announced release of The Curse of Kevin Carter in October) is a record which may need a little more in the way of introduction.  An idea long in the works and finally happening is a series of 3″ CDr releases on Jerky Oats Records called Lemony Nougat.  The name is an anagram of La Monte Young, which should give you an idea of what the theme is.  If all goes to plan, ten artists will each release a disc as part of the series, an contribute up to 20 minutes of ambient/drone music.  The material on each release will be new and exclusive, and the releases are very strictly limited to 20 copies, each handmade in special minimalist artwork on black card.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to get some amazing artists involved in this, some I’ve worked with before and some not.  Already confirmed are Jack Anderton, Off Land, Cubus, Perfect Writing and Noisesurfer, plus my own project with my girlfriend, Merganser.  I’m really excited about the whole project as it should be a lot of fun, and should get me to work with a range of great musicians.

And, of course, to get the ball rolling, is a release from Second Thought.  Torn Vision is an experimental drone piece by music, seventeen minutes of a flute loop which is morphed and shaped into a drastically different form.

As previously mentioned, I’ve sent out some CD demos to labels recently, and part of me is hoping if they get picked up, there’s a backlog of releases so nothing else comes out before the end of the year.  I don’t want the releases to get too overwhelming!

All in all, it’s a very exciting and productive time.  Although I’ve now set up a list of things to do that don’t involve making more music, as I’m still about 15 releases behind… Anyway, you’ll read about them in the future, as and when they’re ready.

Safernoc is on its way at some point, I promise!