3rd April 2013

Like many of my best records – Safernoc and Photographic Reflection, for example – Eyebrook was recorded in a burst of inspiration over a short period of time, without concession to genre or worrying about promotion.  It contains elements of almost all the types of music I enjoy mixed into one glorious whole.

It’s my most electronic record since Aeolian Landform a couple of years ago, although there are acoustic guitars and piano present, and a lot of it retains the rural warmth of my last few records.  It’s loosely themed around lakes and reservoirs, inspired by the sounds of waterfowl and wading birds that go so nicely with synths and piano.  It was just a soundscape I really wanted to create, something that seems very visual to me.  It’s quite nice returning to that style of composing.

The album should be out on Bump Foot on 14th April.  I hope you enjoy it!