4th August 2010

4th August 2010

So, where do I stand as of August 2010? Well…

Those of you who thought ‘four releases in the last twelve months, that’ll be the last we hear of Second Thought for a while!’ have been distinctly wrong. I’ve been working on music solidly for a while now. Lots of ideas have been presenting themselves and I’ve been taking the project in all sorts of directions. There’s an album of pieces in the Canal Seven vein but more focussed, three in total, all suggesting a different place, called ‘Habitats 1-3’ (more are in the works), which I may have news on at some point. I’ve been working with synths a bit more for what may be a stylistic follow-up to 60° South, although this will be a long way off. I’ve been prodding the dark ambient beast again, and have taken the neo-classical hints I included on Safernoc and been expanding upon them once more, for a future album which is probably so far off I don’t want to think about it just now anyway. Safernoc itself, and an accompanying EP, will be out sooner or later through an online label with a physical release to follow perhaps.

There are also older tracks and collaborations and a hundred other things, but they can wait for the moment…

It’s all this time being unemployed, you see. It gives one time to create and create and create and create and the next thing one knows, a life’s work is completed in the space of a year.


Most importantly for the moment, my next release!

Second Thought sings The Curse of Kevin Carter is a collection of eight haunted pop songs by Ross Baker. Fragile, lo-fi pieces, where acoustic guitar and pained vocals meet grainy synths and fragmented noise. Cover art by the wonderful Lucy Wade is on its way. The tracklist looks something like this:

01. Six By Nine
02. Green Cliff, Tyre City And Mulpton In Nowhere Land
03. Map Of The Owl
04. Tainted Face, Tainted Heart
05. What’s Wrong, Mr. Blobby?
06. Feed Yourself
07. Incompatibility
08. Oil Leg

It’s coming out on my long-term collaborator and friend Tim Dwyer’s imprint No-Source Netlabel in October. More news on that, and the other thousand releases, very soon.