4th September 2011

Some people might be mistaken in thinking that being one of those people who is constantly recording is a good thing. It’s not! Well, it has its down sides, at least. For a while I’ve been worrying that I’m actually working on too much music, but then I remember even around the time of Purlieu I was recording that, and almost an album’s worth of material that didn’t make it onto the album, and a couple of 2T Records, and a So Far So Good album, and some nonsense as Rory and the Smendles, and still at college and persuing a social life. So perhaps it’s not so odd that, given the fact I have nothing to do at the moment, I’m coming up with a lot of new music. It’s all being put into different boxes on different themes. I’ve decided to revisit the original ideas behind Vacuum Road Songs (long before it turned into the maddening journey through a city story it was planned to be a more grim sounding soundtrack to a rather scary part of a city – think Burial’s first album in mood), a ghost story themed album inspired by a car trip near Hinckley, the electro-acoustic experiments I’ve spoken of before, the old tape collage, and a box for general stuff that might get used in the future. I’m getting in touch with labels to see what will be released where and when. Hopefully a few bits and bobs will be out over the course of 2012.

I spent much of yesterday playing with a melodica, writing, recording, manipulating sounds. It works very well at forming an ambient backdrop, and I came up with some great sounds. I think I really need to get a guitar very soon. Given the opportunity to write tracks, rather than piece them together on the computer, it should slow down my progress without stopping me from being musical!

3rd October 2004

So, here I am at University. Everything’s been going rather well, so far, apart from something involving somebody, which is all rather typical of me, really. More of that when I make sense of it myself. Done a bit more work on Vacuum Road Songs since I’ve been here and it’s coming along nicely; I have a few samples to record for near the beginning of the album and then a final mixdown to do, so all in all it’s about done. My musical focus now, however, is on my course, as I have to make an animated video and the soundtrack for it, which should hopefully be fun, although I’d rather focus more on the music than making the video itself, to be quite honest. Ah well.

Was feeling a bit crap earlier so picked up my acoustic and ended up playing Wreathed, which led me to listen to Autumn again. Wreathed is still by far the best piece of music I’ve written, even if the final version sounds a bit weak. But that doesn’t fuss me too much, it still sounds perfect to me. I wish I knew where that final guitar solo came from. Here’s hoping I get a net connection in my room fucking soon.

21st March 2004

Purlieu is looking interesting now. Things in the US are busy, I’m not sure what the situation with Joe is at the moment, so the release may be just on Second Thought Records. I’ll know within the week, hopefully.

And, with that nearing its close (hopefully), I’ve started rearranging my other projects. So Far So Good is now officially dead. The artist has been removed from Second Thought Records (what with Anticipated Lies and Autumn being deleted already, and no forthcoming material planned, it seemed pointless), but the plans I had for the next album are probably going to pop up later, but that idea’s still in the works.

Elsewhere, I’ve been touching up some other stuff on the new Second Thought tracks. Expect to hear some acoustic guitar in there.

I think music should act as a nice diversion to the number of little problems mounting up elsewhere in my life.

11th January 2004

Was listening to the So Far So Good album, ‘Autumn’, today. Well, I still am. I might reissue it at some point. It just seems kind of… odd. The feelings in the songs are no longer painful, but are past, and I’m not sure if I want them listed as present .Maybe if I do another album, I’ll put Autumn back out then as ‘back catalogue’. The problem with putting written feelings and emotions into music is that, unlike moods and atmospheres, they date. Whilst I can look back at my old Second Thought material and cringe because of the production, the content can still be good and remade. These old songs have emotions and memories tied to them that I don’t think they’ll ever be rid of, which makes it all so much harder to keep listening…

My favourite tracks still are Lessons You’ll End Up Learning Despite the Best of Your Knowledge, England; Sydney 3PM and Wreathed, which are probably the strongest in terms ofperformance, production and songwriting. None hold too painful memories, either. Ah, who knows. I’m sure I’ll do something with it in the future.

My current mood has put me in a creative mood for once. I think I’m going to sit on it for a while, but I felt like writing something yesterday, for the first time in ages. I’m not sure what I’d do, but it’s an idea I might work on more. I’m trying to pace myself with the music, though. I only want to finish Water or Jazz and the next Second Thought album by the end of the year. More time spent on perfecting these rather than fucking around with loads of half-finished stuff will hopefully lead to something good. I don’t want a collection of sketches like Twenty-four again.

I’m thinking of doing a bit more photography for the new album. This time last year I was out and about all over the place taking shots for Purlieu. I’ve already done a few; Greg’s part of town is a wonderful housing estate next to an industrial estate. Some graffiti photos have been taken already. Not sure what else, but there’s a lot I can take, no doubt. It’s something to keep me occupied, and should hopefully lead to some inspiration.