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'Expander' is a 1994 single by Brian Dougans and Gaz Cobain as The Future Sound of London.


'Expander' was requested by Jumpin' & Pumpin' as a second single from Accelerator. The band, having left the label, offered a remix of the track, as well as one of album track 'Moscow'. The two tracks were initially attached to the end of Accelerator's 1992 reissue, and eventually packaged together with a radio edit and album track 'Central Industrial' to form this four track single, released shortly after the great commercial success of Lifeforms in 1994. Despite receiving little promotion, the single still managed to reach 72 in the UK singles chart.

Crude fonts and an uncharacteristic band shot on the cover highlight how little the group had to do with the release. Although listed on the 2001 FSOL shop, the single has since disappeared into obscurity in official parts, not even being given a page in The Most Important Moments in a Life.


  • 1994 Jumpin' & Pumpin' (12 TOT 17 / CDS TOT 37)

Standard 12" in picture sleeve, promo 12" in generic sleeve. CD in picture sleeve.

Track listing[edit]

12 TOT 37 (12")[edit]

  1.  "Expander (Remix)" – 4:49
  2.  "Moscow (Remix)" – 4:59
  3.  "Central Industrial" – 4:19

CDS TOT 37 (CD)[edit]

  1. "Expander (Radio Remix)" – 3:48
  2.  "Expander (Remix)" – 4:49
  3.  "Moscow (Remix)" – 4:59
  4.  "Central Industrial" – 4:19


  • Composed by Brian Dougans / Garry Cobain
  • All tracks produced by The Future Sound of London at Earthbeat Studios
  • Photography: F.S.O.L. private collection
  • Design at Red Hot


  • The physical single is out of print, but can be picked up easily from various second hand outlets.