Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman

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'Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman', is a music and video single by Brian Dougans and Gaz Cobain as The Future Sound of London.


After the initial limited run of the ISDN album sold out, plans were made for a general release. To coincide with this, a promotional single was produced. Unlike earlier and later singles, 'Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman' is not a multi-part suite, but a more traditional single, with the title track followed by three b-sides. Of these three, only 'Smokin Japanese Babe' had already been released - in a slightly different mix - before, although 'Snake Hips' and 'Amoeba' would appear later on the general release of ISDN. 'Snake Hips' appears in a much longer version than the album mix, and is listed on the video as 'Parts 1 & 2': part 1 is exclusive to the single, and is musically related to the compilation track 'Cow'. All four tracks follow in the jazz and funk-tinged trip-hop of much of ISDN.

The band also produced a full-length video to accompany the entire EP, made in-house at EBv. Featuring more live footage then earlier videos, plus newly rendered 3D animation and still images and textures from the ISDN booklet, the overall effect is as otherwordly as the Lifeforms video, but matches the rawer sound of the music. The 'Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman' section features Brian and Gaz, including footage from Goa; 'Snake Hips (Part 1)' is focused around the infamous 'Vit drowning' shoot ("I not do this - I can not swim" local restauranteur and wannabe actor Vit claimed after earlier claiming he could; eventually after being weighed down and filmed, he "reclaimed his love of the restaurant business") and also features new footage of 'Witch Girl' Sheuneen Ta; 'Snake Hips Part 2' features more underwater footage, this time of Gaz, Sheuneen, jellyfish and the 'Electronic Brain'; 'Smokin Japanese Babe' features washed out 8mm footage of an American trip alongside some sinister widescreen sci-fi imagery; 'Amoeba' returns to the 'Vit drowning' theme. A still from 'Snake Hips Part 1' appears on the cover of From the Archives Vol. 5. The video was promoted as containing more footage from the now abandoned Yage movie.

The front cover of the single proved about as popular with Vit as the video shoot did: hearing his face was to adorn the sleeve, according to Gaz he "hassled us for weeks for posters, 'I put up in restaurant'" until, seeing the recoloured Goan texture mapped onto his face, "his face unmoved, unflustered, finally he spoke 'I not put up in restaurant'." The back cover features a photograph of a dead dolphin on a motorbike the band had taken in Sri Lanka; the shot had half-jokingly been said to represent the death of the ambient scene receding away, and became emblematic of the band's direction at the time. No artwork credits on the sleeve. The EBv / Earthbeat logo appears on the rear, along with the first appearance of the phrase 'Electronic Brain Violence', a new definition of EBv after the Lifeforms-era 'Earth Beat Vision'.



  • 1995 Virgin (VSCDT 1540, 7243 8 92857 2 7 / VST 1540, 7243 8 92857 6 5 / VSC 1540, 7243 8 92857 4 1)

European CD, 12" and cassette. Virgin 12" with Astralwerks sticker in US. European VHS (no catalogue number), promo VHS tape in US.

Track listing[edit]

VSCDT 1540 (CD) / VST 1540 / 7243 8 92857 6 5 (12") / VSC 1540 (Cass)[edit]

  1.  "Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman" – 4:41
  2.  "Snake Hips" – 8:33
  3.  "Smokin Japanese Babe" – 5:42
  4.  "Amoeba" – 5:00


  1.  "Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman"
  2.  "Snake Hips Part 1"
  3. "Snake Hips Part 2"
  4.  "Smokin Japanese Babe"
  5.  "Amoeba"


  • All tracks written and produced by The Future Sound of London
  • Recorded at Earthbeat Studios London 1995
  • Engineered by Yage for EBv
  • 'Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman' bassballs by Phillip Pin
  • 'Smokin Japanese Babe' John Williams - acoustic bass loops source from the album Cavatina - put through the machines
  • 'Snake Hips' contains horn sample from 'Vegas El Bandito' and additional percussion loop from 'Kundalina' performed by 23 Skidoo under license from Ronin Records Ltd.


  • The music single is out of print, but can be picked up easily from various second hand outlets.
  • Copies of the cassette single are available from FSOLDigital
  • Digital copies are available from the usual download and streaming outlets
  • The VHS tape has been out of print since 1995
  • VHS copies are very hard to come across on the second hand market