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Lifeforms is a VHS tape by Brian Dougans and Gaz Cobain, released as The Future Sound of London. It is their first full-length video project.


After the launch of the 'ultra-media' label EBv, and the first emergence in the press of Brian and Gaz referring to FSOL as a 'broadcast system' rather than a band, the pair began to live up to their promises, first with their ISDN tour, and second with the release of the Lifeforms video. Promoted alongside the album of the same name, the video was described as a short film and promoted as a teaser for the upcoming Yage: The Movie. Although press releases referred to it as a five minute short, the full film runs to thirteen minutes and is split into two tracks: 'Lifeforms A/V' and 'Lifeforms Path'. Despite the titles, the music found does not consist of simply the album version of 'Lifeforms' and a version from the Lifeforms EP, but is instead a mix of various tracks and environments from the era, including two tracks not found on Lifeforms at all. The full tracklist runs as so:

Lifeforms A/V:

  1.  Lifeforms Path 1 (environment)
  2. Lifeforms Path 5 (environment)
  3.  Among Myselves (outro environment)
  4.  Dead Skin Cells
  5.  Ill Flower (environment)
  6.  Cascade (environment)
  7.  Unknown track

Lifeforms Path:

  1. Unknown environment
  2.  Vertical Pig
  3.  Little Brother (environment)
  4.  Vit (environment)
  5.  Ill Flower (outro environment)
  6.  Deep Into Your Subconscious I Slide
  7.  Unknown environment

Visually, the film is mostly built around CG imagery of exotic and alien looking animals, plant life and landscapes as well as globules of liquid and other psychedelic and surreal shapes. 'Witch Girl' model Sheuneen Ta appears sporadically throughout the video, arms outstretched, as does the 'Electronic Brain' spike model. 'Lifeforms Path' features more live filmed footage, including black and white 8mm footage of Brian and Gaz, taken by Brian in the group's Manchester days.



  • 1994 Virgin (VID 2722, 7243 4 90023 3 3)

Promo and standard VHS tape in full colour sleeve.

Track listing[edit]

VID 2722[edit]

  1. "Lifeforms A/V" – 5:59
  2.  "Lifeforms Path" – 6:51



  • The video has been out of print since 1994
  • Copies appear occasionally in the second hand market