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Promo 500 is a promotional EP by Brian Dougans and Gaz Cobain as The Future Sound of London.


Following the poorly-kept secret of the Smokin' Japanese Babe EP, Brian and Gaz released a second collection of ISDN tracks for the promotional market. Limited to 500 copies (hence the title) and containing two exclusive tracks, the double 12" pack has become one of the more sought-after rarities in FSOL's catalogue. The first three tracks are much the same as their ISDN counterparts, but the final two pieces never made it to the album, and remained out of print for over ten years, until finally receiving digital re-issue on Teachings From the Electronic Brain (Rare Tracks Edition in 2006. 'Herd Killing' is a heavy, eastern-tinged breakbeat piece of no musical relation to the Dead Cities track of the same name; 'Live in New York' is an ambient track with elements that would later make up 'Tired' and 'A Diversionary Tactic'.

The cover features the original 1970s Virgin Records logo which had been resurrected by the band for Lifeforms. The sides are labelled North, South, East and West instead of A, B, C and D.


  • 1994: Virgin (PROMO 500)

2x12" in picture sleeve.

Track listing[edit]

PROMO 500 (2x12")[edit]

  1. "Slider"
  2.  "Snake Hips"
  3.  "You're Creeping Me Out"
  4. "Herd Killing"
  5. "Live in New York"


  • All tracks written and produced by The Future Sound of London
  • Engineered by Yage


  • Physical edition has been out of print since 1994
  • Copies turn up from time to time on the second hand market