Smokin' Japanese Babe

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Smokin' Japanese Babe is an EP by Brian Dougans and Gaz Cobain, released anonymously under the name Far-out Son of Lung


With the Lifeforms promotional campaign seemingly over, Brian and Gaz charged forward with new material, the first release being an EP released as Far-out Son of Lung. Promoted by Virgin as a release by a new Japanese trip-hop duo, the dense samples, synth squelches and not-very-subtle FSOL acronym were enough to give the game away and the press caught on pretty quickly (the fact that some material had already been performed on the group's ISDN tour probably didn't help.) The ultra-limited 500-copy release received positive attention, however, with 'trip-hop' being the late 1994 buzzword in the electronic music media. Three of the tracks certainly tie in quite well with the then-fledgeling genre, built around slow breakbeats and jazzy trumpet samples, alongside the usual collage of samples; all three of these pieces would later end up on ISDN. 'Zeebox', in contrast, is an early Dougans solo work from his project of the same name, which would be later re-released in 2003 and 2007 as 'TV Dinner Part 1'. The key aspect of the release was to signify a new direction in the FSOL sound, moving away from a lush, ambient-laced sound, towards a heavier, rhythmic approach, albeit one with no ties to techno.


  • 1994: Virgin (smokin 94)

White 12" with full-colour labels in clear plastic sleeve.

Track listing[edit]

smokin 94 (12")[edit]

  1. "Ramblings of a Madman"
  2.  "Zeebox"
  3.  "Are They Fighting Us"
  4. "Smokin' Japanese Babe"



  • Physical edition has been out of print since 1994
  • Copies turn up from time to time on the second hand market