15th October 2010

In an attempt to slowly draw in the number of releases I have lined up once more, I’ve been revisiting old ideas and working out what to do with them. This is quite a fun practice, as in the past I’ve often finished a song or album, and left it at that, with the idea that each record is of its own moment – something that is regularly a fair point, but I’ve discovered it can be very enjoyable to rework stuff once I’ve given it some space.

To this end, the previously announced follow-up to Canal Seven will not be coming out in any recognisible form, and won’t be appearing in any form for quite some time now, to free up some space in the release schedule next year. After the two EPs and handful of splits that remain this year, its all go for Safernoc and, at the same time the free Syophonic EP from the same sessions, at the beginning of 2011. Then it’s time for a special release recorded for my performance at the Awakenings show in Burton-on-Trent, which has been confirmed as the first show of the year, on 5th February. I’ll be playing alongside Nick Robinson again, and the headliners are Endgame. Given that the events focus on the more traditional end of the EM spectrum, expect the show and its accompanying release to show considerable influence from space ambient and Berlin School electronica. More news on those soon!

Once Safernoc and the Awakenings album are out, I should have one release outstanding, which is an exciting collaborative effort I’ll explain about nearer the time. It’s something that’s been worked on for quite a while and should be excellent. And after that, it’s on to pastures new and a return to the standard album releases I’ve been talking about. As the very first entry to this blog said, the future’s bright, the future’s storange.

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