19th May 2010

My new album, 60° South, is released today through renowned UK CDr label AmbientLive records! “Superb and intricate melodies from this UK artist. Modern, vibrant, yet based deeply in the tradition”

Partially inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s novel ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’, 60° South is Second Thought’s fourth album (the ‘third’ and ‘official follow-up’ to Vacuum Road Songs is out later this year. Erm), and takes a new synthesizer-driven approach to production, compared to the sample collages of previous releases. This electronic tapestry paints an image of life in the cold antarctic circle. Some tracks reflect the Lovecraft tale’s sense of unease and mystery, while others drift along more pleasantly, reflecting the grand majesty of the Antarctic landscape and the sea that surrounds it.

1. Tekeli-li
2. Ice Shelf
3. Gellert’s Grave
4. Clouded
5. Snow (I)
6. Degrees
7. Return
8. Meltwater
9. Gone Forever
10. Icebergs (I & II)
11. Snow (II)
12. At The Mountains Of Madness

Meltwater has been added to the MySpace music player for your listening pleasure.

This is a rather exciting time for me as it’s the first physical release in almost exactly three years. Thanks to John at AmbientLive for releasing the album, and to everyone for their support over the last few years. It’s nice to be back, properly, after such a long time away from releasing music. And thanks to anyone who buys the album, which can be picked up from the link above. 🙂

Thanks, finally, to Lucy, to whom I dedicate Iceberg II.

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