19th September 2011

In an interesting turn of events, The Tree and Where Do We Go When the Roads Have All Cracked? seem to have merged into what is becoming my first acoustic-based album, I think. It is nearing completion but I keep making tweaks and changes, which is all good.

I have put together a nice collection of my favourite pieces from the 2010/2011 era to replace the rather poor ‘Estuary’ collection which I realised I don’t like very much! This new one contains some remixes and reworkings, and a couple of actual tracks. It’s more melodic than Estuary was and definitely escapes from the mire that bogged much of the era down, I basically started it as a way of collecting my favourite tracks from that point together to listen to without flitting between records, but decided I’d share it so other people can enjoy the tracks too, as comes next year most of my unsatisfactory material won’t be linked from my website. It can be downloaded for free (or money if you care to donate!) from my Bandcamp page. It is called Autumn. 🙂

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