1st September 2011

This afternoon I’ve been piecing together some of my favourite bits of those old tapes I wrote about some months ago (nearly a year ago!) A lot of the strange noises and collages were inspired by The Beatles’ Revolution 9, and I’ve been putting those together in a fashion befitting their origins. Nostalgia is a funny thing, that led me immediately to consider my past and my music again, and, having had a couple of drinks, I felt quite nostalgic about Second Thought. Not that I’m regretting ending it, but just… memories, really. When it all started, ups and downs, how it ended.

Anybody with an ear for some beautiful music should listen to Tectonic Grind by Sensible Nectar. The tape’s out of print so it can be downloaded for free in the Out of Print section of Rainbow Bridge. Some of the noisier stuff might be hard to get through (I’ll be honest, it’s not really to my taste either), but the melodic guitar stuff is wonderful. The last track, Unsafe In My Own Shuffling, Weak, Dreaming Arms, is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard and really should be listened to. If only I could create that sort of thing with my guitar.

If only I had my guitar!

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