24th March 2010

Right, well, there’s lots to report, again!

First up, and most excitingly, ‘Aqueduct’ from the forthcoming album Safernoc is featured on The Future Sound of London’s latest podcast ‘Electric Brain Storms 6: The Most Secluded Place’, which can be bought from FSOLDigital. It’s the third time one of my pieces has been used on one of their mix sets, and as ever they’ve done the piece proper justice, it sounds awesome floating in after the Tangerine Dream piece.

Elsewhere, those following my Twitter will know I’ve completed the synth ambient record I was talking about below. It’s called 60° South, and is inspired by Antarctica, particularly the story ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ by HP Lovecraft. It’s alternately dark and light and features barely any rhythm. Lots of melodies, though. It should be coming out on AmbientLive Records as a CDr release later in the spring. I am excited about this. Artwork and tracklist can be found on the music page.

Lots more music is brewing too, but I’ll wait for a while before explaining. 2010 has been very, very busy so far!

The new Autechre is awesome, by the way.

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