26th October 2010

The Noisesurfer split came out yesterday and has picked up a fair few downloads already. I hope everyone’s enjoying it – it can be downloaded here, if anyone’s not heard it yet. I’d say it’s probably my favourite electronic work of this autumn’s experimental series, some very sinister drones and harsh ambience. Noisesurfer have provided a series of really excellent fuzzy tracks for it too! They’re improving at an incredible rate, from some sketches and demos earlier this year towards making this really interesting dark, atmospheric music already. Impressive stuff.

Spent the weekend in Hinckley, which was pleasant, and got me considering my future prospects once again. I suppose being back really reminds me of the previous productive period of Second Thought, 2002, which produced a lot of sketches earlier on, plus the whole of Twenty-Four and half of Purlieu. As much as the quality of a lot of that material is lacking, I’m still very fond of it as it felt entirely honest, with ne’er a genre exercise in sight. I want to head back that way, towards the days when it wasn’t so easy to categorise my music into “drone”, “Berlin school”, “noise” and so on. Give it a bit of time! A walk to Fosse Meadows yesterday morning did a lot on the inspiration front, but it always seems to. All of the initial plans for Dead Hymns were conceived on a walk around there during Christmas 2004 (which is a rather strange inspiration, bizarrely, but still), the place just seems right for imagination to me. Some of what was Habitats is based around the place. But you won’t be hearing that for a year or so yet. What a tease.

My split with Esion was awaiting my re-arrival in Folkestone. I haven’t listened to it yet, but the tracklist is now in the discography and I’m putting some photos up tomorrow, once my camera battery’s charged. Nice DIY sleeve, limited to 33 copies. I’m incredibly happy to have a cassette release! It just seems so right for noise. So hopefully that’ll do well once it’s released. Should be out at some point in November apparently, once the label is officially up and operational once more. The Absence.Insolution Recycled split is out a week today, just leaving our ‘stereo split’ release to come out at some point when Indestructible Object are ready to go with it. Might not be until next year, annoyingly. Still, what to do?

Things are coming together nicely, anyway.

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