RIP Mika Vainio

RIP Mika Vainio, who has died at the tragically young age of 53.

Pan Sonic’s album A was one of the first truly experimental albums I owned, many steps beyond the ambient and electronica I had been listening to before. Its stark tones were eye opening, and I remained a fan ever since. To this day, A is my favourite of their works, although the four disc Kesto comes close.
I spent some time earlier this year revisiting their catalogue, and this played a huge role in the more stripped down, minimalist approach I am moving towards with my own music. This will become evident later in the year or early next year, whenever my next record comes along. As one half of the group, Vainio has left a huge impression on me, and of course countless others. Within minutes of the announcement of his death, my Twitter feed was full of people paying tribute, from all corners of the electronic music spectrum.

Rest in peace, Mika. The afterlife is a noisier place today.

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