Ambisphere/fauna issues once more

Unfortunately I have to inform you that the new version of Ambifauna, entitled Ambisphere, has been removed from Bandcamp by Psychonavigation Records. I’ve written before about how the label is in breach of contract for the initial release and has blocked me on social media and ignored my emails trying to resolve this.

I sent a new mix and master of the album to Asura Revolver records to release in the hope of being able to share the album through a label who respect their artists. Unfortunately, Psychonavigation filed a copyright infringement claim to have the album removed, and Bandcamp have complied. Again, the label are in breach of contract, and this is a different mix of the album, but sadly these issues are a bit more complex than a simple takedown notice can sort out, and I no longer have the energy to deal with this situation anymore.

At the end of next year the copyright will return to me, and I’ll make sure the album is available on my Bandcamp once more. In the meantime, if anybody is interested in acquiring the album, please feel free to contact me and I can hook you up with a tape or a download.

I’d like to thank Patrick at Asura Revolver for going ahead with this reissue despite the situation, and for fighting my corner when this happened.

I’ve heard much worse stories from artists who’ve released on Psychonavigation, and have still got off lightly compared to some, and for that I’m grateful. So this is just an important reminder to never consider working with the label or buying their releases.

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